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This Maniac Just Crossed the Atlantic on a Goddamn Paddleboard This Maniac Just Crossed the Atlantic on a Goddamn Paddleboard

When it comes to pushing oneself towards greatness, some of us vow to read more books or sign up for a 5K run. Others try to learn a new skill, like woodworking. Chris Bertish, however, decided to become the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a paddleboard because he is a crazy man.

Surfing and BASE Jumping Off a Zip Line Is Something I've Never Seen Before

I’ve thought I’ve seen it all when it comes to BASE jumping and then I just watched the Flying Frenchies surf down a zip line at over 45 mph and then jump off in the middle of the line from nearly 2000 feet in the air in the Vercors mountain range. It is totally nuts and yet somehow manages to look natural because…

Watch Death-Defying Windsurfers Take on a Hurricane

We really shouldn’t have to say this, but the next time a massive storm churns up towering waves in the ocean, it’s probably a good idea to head for cover, instead of suiting up and heading out for some death-defying windsurfing.

You Don't Need Waves When You're Surfing With a Drone

The more propellers and motors you add to a drone, the more weight it can lift. Freefly Systems’ Alta 8, designed to carry heavy video equipment, has eight rotors making it strong enough to tow a surfer on a wakeboard. Say hello to the new sport of dronesurfing where waves aren’t necessary.

Surfing Without a Surfboard Looks Totally Silly

Here’a goofy surf video from Foster Huntington that perfectly edits out the surfboard to make it look like people can surf by wearing special boots. The video itself is funny—and the edited footage is absolutely ridiculous. But man, would it be cool if it were possible. It’s like walking on water if Jesus were a…

Here's a Guy Surfing a Thunderstorm Here's a Guy Surfing a Thunderstorm

Sean MacCormac is just like you and me. He puts his (probably very expensive custom sportswear) pants on one leg at a time, then straps a snowboard to his feet, cinches a parachute to his back, and leaps headlong out of a plane and directly into a thunderstorm above Florida.

Every Wave's a Towering Wall of Water For This Foot-Tall RC Surfer

If the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has left you terrified of the ocean, here’s a much safer way to try your hand at surfing.

Kelly Slater’s Crazy Plan to Make Lakes Surfable Kelly Slater’s Crazy Plan to Make Lakes Surfable

Maybe you saw the Tony Hawk of surfing upload this video of a perfect man-made wave back in December. According to Bloomberg, Kelly Slater is trying to sell flawless artificial barrels to the world for somewhere between $2 and $20 million a pop, which is a bargain considering the R&D that went into making something…

Surfer Does His Best Superhero Impression With Effortless Backflip

Backflips are extremely difficult in surfing, and no one has never landed one in a competition. That is, until Gabriel Medina did exactly that at the Oi Rio Pro, coasting out with a bewildered shrug to perfect 10s from the judges.

The Razor RipSurf is a Strange Skateboard and Surfboard Hybrid The Razor RipSurf is a Strange Skateboard and Surfboard Hybrid

Razor has pretty much cornered the market on two-wheeled toys. The company was synonymous with the short-lived scooter fad, and it recently doubled-down on its obsession with two wheelers by releasing its very own “hoverboard.” Now, Razor is going a step farther by introducing an entirely new way to get around on two…

Watch a Surfer Survive a Crazy Wipeout Off a 40-Foot Wave

This wipeout is totally crazy and not unlike jumping out of the 4th floor of a building. The waves were that high (thank you El Nino) and the sea monster that is the ocean looked like it was blowing itself up and whipping surfer Tom Dosland around as he barreled around. The drop must have been so beautiful, like a…

The Foam Fins Covering This Wetsuit Let You Body Surf Without a Board The Foam Fins Covering This Wetsuit Let You Body Surf Without a Board

The next time you’re driving along the coast and admiring the waves, don’t feel bad about not packing a surfboard. The WaveWrecker wetsuit can be kept tucked away in a corner of your trunk at all times, and when the waves are ideal, it turns your body into its own surfboard.

Making a Hollow Wooden Surfboard Looks Like It's Totally Worth It

The inside of a wooden surfboard looks like the skeleton of a fish. And it only gets more beautiful from there. The entire process of making a surfboard from wood (most surfboards are made from foam and fiberglass) is so fun to see. There is so much carving and shaping and clamping and an obscene amount of glue that…

Watch a Surfer Surf the Most Perfect Man-Made Never Ending Wave

Here’s Kelly Slater surfing an awesome never ending wave made from the Kelly Slater Wave Company. It’s way better than typical wave pools and even though man can’t beat mother nature, it’s probably better than some of the breaks at the local beach. The technology behind this man-made wave must be very, very cool.

Surfers Rejoice—Physicists Have Found the Perfect Wave Surfers Rejoice—Physicists Have Found the Perfect Wave

Experienced surfers are great intuitive physicists, able to spot the best waves and manipulate the various forces at play because they’ve spent years actively developing those skills. French scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris are quantifying what good surfers know intuitively by building their own mini…

Taking a surfboard snowboarding is just total pure fun

Surfing and snowboarding are similar enough and attract the same people and require some of the same skills that it makes sense that surfers snowboard and snowboarders surf. This video is a combination of those worlds in that Martin Winkler uses a surfboard to snowboard. It’s like riding waves in the ocean, only if…

Van Life: The Strangers I Met on the Road From Montana to Oregon Van Life: The Strangers I Met on the Road From Montana to Oregon

If the theme of my last Connected States column was about friends on the road, this one is about strangers. Those people who you never would have met if you hadn’t ventured from the nest. On the road through Montana, Idaho, and Oregon, I was lucky enough to meet some rather wonderful unfamiliars, some of whom really…

Seeing this surfer stand underneath the barrel of the wave is totally surreal

Since most of us uncoordinated plebeians will never be able to even stand up on a surfboard, this is very probably the closest we’ll ever get to the unbelievable beauty that is riding through the barrel of the wave. Bruno Santos shows us a completely surreal view of what it’s like and man, it’s gorgeous. It’s like…

Surfing has never looked more majestic than in this drone video

The waves of Teahupo’o in Tahiti are so lovely that surfing them is the only way to truly appreciate them. Or, well, I guess watching other people surf through this drone video is a pretty damn good way to see its majestic beauty too. Brent Bielmann and Eric Sterman shot this drone video for Surfing Magazine and it…

Proof that dusk and dawn are the best times of the day

People like dawn because it’s the start of the new day and the illusion of opportunity exists as light breaks the night. I like dawn because when I see the sun rise it meant I had a great night. But dusk is more my speed, the world comes alive in a completely different way. In any case, dusk and dawn are the best…

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