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Biker Miraculously Survives a 250-Foot Plunge Off a Mountain Road

In addition to capturing moments of road rage, an action cam mounted on a motorcycle rider’s helmet can occasionally record a straight-up miracle, as was the case with Matthew Murray who ended up plummeting 250-feet off a mountain road after a problem with his bike’s steering.

No, a Lemon Can’t Actually Start Fires and Here’s Why

Earlier this year a video appeared online purportedly showing how you could turn a lemon into a simple battery, and then use it to start a fire by igniting a piece of steel wool. It was similar to a simple science experiment we all tried in grade school, but going one step further to make fire? That’s where the…

Woman Stalked By Starving Wolf For 12 Hours Survives Harrowing Ordeal Woman Stalked By Starving Wolf For 12 Hours Survives Harrowing Ordeal

Last Friday, Joanne Barnaby went mushroom picking in a forest near Fort Smith in the Canadian Northwest Territories. It was an inauspicious beginning to what would end up being a 12-hour ordeal, one involving a desperate wolf, swarms of mosquitoes, an unwitting bear cub—and a can of beer.

Columbia Turned Its Clothing Labels Into Stainless Steel Survival Tools

To help reinforce the idea that its clothing is designed for rugged outdoor adventures, Columbia is turning the informational hang tags on some of its garments into stainless steel survival tools that do everything from cut wood, to fix clothing tears, to filter water.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Here's How to Use Them to Make Fire

You can now add lemons to the long list of random objects that can be used to start a fire. But unlike just generating friction and heat by rubbing two sticks together, the process of starting a fire using a piece of citrus fruit involves first turning it into a working battery with copper and zinc electrodes.

This Simple Metal Tube Is Packed Full of Emergency Supplies This Simple Metal Tube Is Packed Full of Emergency Supplies

After the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan a few years ago, the nation has a renewed focus on ensuring its residents are prepared for emergencies. And design studio Nendo’s contribution is this non-descript metal tube pre-packed with vital supplies.

Shark Attacks, 1,600-Foot Falls, 1 Million Coywolves Invade Northeast: What’s New Outside

America has a new predator, and it’s thriving in the northeast. Meanwhile, the outdoor economy is starting to throw its weight around in Washington DC (also home to coywolves) and an engineer has busted a popular survival myth with math. This is What’s New Outside.

Here's how gross apocalypse emergency food rations are

Televangelists like Jim Bakker are basically scam artists who feed on implanting people with fear and profiting off that fear. Bakker, for example, is notorious for shilling his buckets of survivalist food that costs hundreds of dollars and last 20 years (just in time for the world to end!). But how does that food…

35 Harrowing Man Vs Nature Movies, Ranked 35 Harrowing Man Vs Nature Movies, Ranked

Mankind has always been fascinated by our role in and conflict with the natural world. And, that means movies about dangerous animals, treacherous mountains, angry seas and foreboding deserts. Let’s rank the best; you can watch the winner right here.

An Essential Guide To Gun Safety For People Who Hate Guns

There are at least 347 million guns in America. No matter your opinion of them, it is highly likely that you will encounter one at least sometime during your life. This is what everyone needs to know in order to be safe around guns.

How The Navy SEALs Prepare For Extreme Cold Weather Survival, And How You Can Too How The Navy SEALs Prepare For Extreme Cold Weather Survival, And How You Can Too

If you want to learn a potentially life-saving action, you need to practice it. And if you need to learn if your clothing and other gear is capable of saving your life, you need to test it. This is how the Navy SEALs do just that for cold weather emergencies.

Last-Minute Stockpiling Only Makes Disasters Worse Last-Minute Stockpiling Only Makes Disasters Worse

When a hurricane takes aim at the coast or a blizzard looms in the forecast, something strange comes over us. We swarm into grocery stores, stripping the shelves bare of canned goods and staple foods. Lines stretch all the way around the supermarket, and it’s like Black Friday on the produce aisle, with people arguing…

The Time I Survived The Time I Survived

Who am I to be writing about survival? Well, I’m someone who’s survived. It’s happened a few times, but this is the story that was closest to being my last.

How To Survive Pretty Much Anything How To Survive Pretty Much Anything

Survival is a mix of preparation, knowledge, tools and luck. This week we’ll be exploring the practice and, to get us started, here’s the skills you need to live through pretty much anything.

This Week, Your Survival Is at Stake This Week, Your Survival Is at Stake

You know you worry about it sometimes. What if there were a massive earthquake, or a huge storm ... or you just got lost in the wilderness, with nothing more than your wits and a few gadgets in your pockets? This week on io9 and Gizmodo, we’ll tell you how to survive. Or not.

Watch Bear Grylls Feed President Obama A Nasty Old Piece Of Salmon He Found By A River

“This has got to be one of the best days of my Presidency,” Obama tells the camera shortly before Bear Grylls feeds him a nasty old piece of bear-ravaged salmon he found beside a river in Alaska.

Drone Captures Hikers' Near Death In Maui Flash Flood

Flash floods are one of the most powerful and therefor most dangerous things you can encounter outdoors. In this terrifying video, a group of hikers in Maui’s jungle is swept away.

How To Survive A Mass Shooting How To Survive A Mass Shooting

As a kid, fire drills taught you fire safety. And you haven’t been killed by a fire. Your parents trained similarly for nuclear war. With 248 mass shootings in US in the 238 days of 2015, it’s time we began treating those the same way. This is how.

How To Survive The Cascadia Tsunami How To Survive The Cascadia Tsunami

“Thirteen thousand people will die in the Cascadia earthquake and tsunami,” reads Kathryn Schulz’s now-infamous New Yorker article. “Everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast.” Turns out a very similar event occurred in Chile 55 years ago. What wisdom can its survivors share with residents of the Northwest?

How To Use A Knife Outdoors

A knife is the most essential and useful tool you can take with you into the outdoors. But, do you know how to get the most out of one? Let’s go over the basics and show you all the stuff a knife can do.

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