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I (Tim Rogers) am streaming Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX over on our Twitch channel. Come yell at me in the chat as I yell about Donald Duck! Man, Donald Duck: I love that guy!

I’m going to play an hour of Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 ReMIX on our Twitch channel. I’ll be starting at the very beginning! So come take a look and also yell a lot in the chat!

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: The Kotaku Review

New Super Mario Bros. U is the second-best 2D Mario game. New Super Luigi U is an incredible showcase of inventive level design. They came out six and five years ago, respectively, though today you can play them on a public toilet.

We Translate The Yakuza Creators' New Game As We Play It

Judge Eyes, the newest game set in Sega’s Yakuza universe, releases in English later this year under the title Judgment, and it’s going to include an optional English dub. If you are dying of impatience and would love to watch me live-translate a three-hour chunk of the game right the heck now, I have you covered.

The Best Games Of 2008

The end of the year puts everybody in the mood to look back. Personally, when I look back, I like to look way back. For example, ten years back. So while everybody else is talking about the best games of 2018, I made a video counting down my ten favorite games of 2008.

You Told Us Your Game Of The Year

For our 2018 finale episode of Kotaku XP, Gita and I asked you to tell us your favorite game of 2018. You sure did tell us! We spent an hour and twenty minutes in a hot little recording booth reading, talking about, and counting up your votes. Come see who won!

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe's Peachette Is Even More Interesting Than Any Of Us Predicted

Nintendo told us we could only stream New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch for exactly twenty minutes. So that’s what me and Paul did. You can relive our frantic act of improvised content-creation right here in this convenient YouTube archive.

Roasting The Best Games Of 2018

Allow me to present my favorite games of the year—by stating one thing I dislike about each of them.

I (Tim Rogers) am streaming the recently released Sega Ages version of the original Phantasy Star game over on Kotaku’s Twitch channel. Come yell at me in the chat as I scream about how phantastic M2's porting work is.

In case you missed it, we played Earth Defense Force 5 on our Twitch channel earlier today. It’s archived here on our YouTube channel if you want to hear me talk coherently (if I do say so myself) about the history of this excellent series for a half an hour. The next hour is pretty much just yelling.

Tim is shooting alien freak-idiots in Earth Defense Force 5. Shriek celebratory syllables unto each explosive funeral in the chat!

Over on our Twitch channel, Cecilia and Maddy are making cartoon characters beat each other up in Nintendo’s latest precision-engineered nostalgia cannon (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate). Shout in a lively, positive manner via your keyboard in the chat!

Which Smash Character Waited The Longest To Join The Battle?

I used mathematics to determine which characters took the longest between their video game debut and their arrival as a playable Smash character. (I included Echo Fighters.) Then I made a video in which I used all the data I collected to make various predictions. For example, I pinpoint a realistic estimate of when…

We are streaming Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, which is out today on Switch, PS4, and Xbox, over on our Twitch channel! Come yell at Tim as he yells at how much he is pretty sure he is going to like this game!

PlayStation Classic Games, Ranked

Actual decades ago, I played every single one of the 20 games included on the upcoming PlayStation Classic all the way to completion. Today, I made this video ranking them all.

People In Pokémon Games Can't Shut Up About Pokémon

The citizens of Pokémon’s various cities and towns love to say the word “Pokémon.” Armed only with mathematics and an urgent desire to answer a ridiculous question, I embarked on a quest to figure out what percentage of Pokémon’s residents do not talk about Pokémon. I present my findings in this video, “A…

We’re playing Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee over on our Twitch channel. Gita is going to show the world her Pokémons, and you should pop into the chat to compliment their stunning beauty!

Hitman 2 Is Not Just More Hitman: It's A Lot More Hitman

You could say that Hitman 2 is “more Hitman.” I would agree with you. However, if you like Hitman, you always want more Hitman. Besides, Hitman 2 isn’t just “more Hitman”—it’s a lot more Hitman. I present to you a relaxing little video in which I philosophize in poetic vocabulary about this game series I have always…

Cecilia is checking out Overwatch’s new hero Ashe on our Twitch channel right now. Come watch over her thrilling plays and daring maneuvers whilst yelling in the chat!

The Hater's Review Of Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of my absolute favorite games of this decade. If ever an achievement could stagger, this game represents that achievement. I made a 40-minute video highlighting every tiny thing wrong with it.

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