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They Don't Make E3 Press Conferences Like They Used To

The “E3 press conference” as an industry institution has been fading ever since Nintendo brilliantly broadcast their first E3 Nintendo Direct in 2012. What were they good for? Just how weird were they? Why did I keep going to them? I ponder these questions in this video.

Your Wildest E3 Predictions

I asked you (on Twitter) for your E3 2019 predictions. 500 of you responded. 388 of you did not take the question seriously. You have all disappointed me, and I love it. I break down your weird jokes (and add a few of my own) in this video.

I (Tim Rogers) am playing Conan Unconquered over on our Twitch channel! I love old-fashioned RTSes. This one looks good. Coincidentally, I have read every Conan book or short story at least ten times. Try to best my pulp wisdom in the chat.

30 Minutes With Super Mario Maker 2 Is Not Nearly Enough

Last week, Nintendo invited us to play the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 for thirty minutes. Those 30 minutes with the game were phenomenally good. I made a video about how it made me feel. Here’s a summary: I don’t want to play Super Mario Maker 2 for 30 minutes. I want to play Super Mario Maker 2 for one thousand…

Watch Me Translate The Japanese Version of Judgment While I Play It

Judgment, the new game by the creators of the Yakuza series, came out in Japan on December 18 last year. On June 25, the English version of the game will swoop in with its subtitles and optional English voiceover. So I have only one more month to impress you, dear viewer, with my skill at translating Japanese legalese…

Pizza Reviews Are Meaner Than Video Game User Reviews: A Definitive Comparison

Are video game user reviews kinder than pizza user reviews? The short answer is “Yes.” The long answer is this 27-minute video in which I cross-analyze the linguistic patterns of 500 one-star Yelp reviews of famous New York pizzerias and 500 “zero” Metacritic user reviews of acclaimed triple-A video games.

How To Avoid Spoilers For Everything Forever

I am a huge spoiler baby. For me, trailers are spoilers. Conversations about trailers are spoilers. Posters are spoilers. The cast list is spoilers. I hate watching anything spoiled. Also, I love the intellectual challenge of avoiding spoilers. In this video, I’ll divulge my fifteen best spoiler-avoiding secrets to…

Joyfully, willfully, and with patriotic anger I sally forth to get my bucket head rattled in the hot new getting-medieval battle royale shriekathon Mordhau, live on our Twitch channel. I’m going to be too busy fearing cold death to utter my most energetic battle cries, so I’m going to need you to amplify my spirit in…

I’m streaming the just-released Sega Ages Virtua Racing on my Nintendo Switch over on our Twitch channel, because it’s Friday, it’s been a long week, and I wish it was possible for a real human to be as excited about anything as the announcer in Virtua Racing is about the player getting a “TIME BONUS!!!!!”

We’re continuing our quest to marry and kill ten spouses in The Sims 4 live on our Twitch channel! Last time our Sim became best friends with the Grim Reaper (aka “Greaper”). Today, she’ll give birth to her murdered husband’s child. Gross! Suggest baby names in the chat!

I’m playing Mortal Kombat 11's (reportedly excellent) story mode over on our Twitch channel. I played Mortal Kombat X’s story mode on Friday, so this seems right. Get over here! (Into our Twitch chat. I used that joke last week.)

How The English Translation Messed Up Final Fantasy VII's Famous Death Scene

I first played Final Fantasy VII in English immediately after it was released in 1997. I was in college at the time. In 2017, possessing two fresh decades of life experience and a fluency in the Japanese language, I decided to revisit Final Fantasy VII. I didn’t meant to revisit it quite as, uh, thoroughly as I ended…

I’m streaming the wild story mode of Mortal Kombat XL over on our Twitch page. Seriously, if you have never seen this story mode, it is so above and beyond. Get over here! To our Twitch channel!

Gita Jackson and I (Tim Rogers) are killing another husband in The Sims 4. It’s the Black Widow Challenge, live on our Twitch channel!

A Teen Dirtbag Beat-Em-Up With Phenomenal Writing

The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa, an independent game for the Nintendo Switch, shocked me with its greatness. I streamed it yesterday. You can watch the above video archive if you want to see me, sincerely and in real time, react to the game’s blowing of my mind.

The Friends of Ringo Ishikawa for the Nintendo Switch combines a River City Ransom-like brawling Japanese school punk action RPG with the tone of existential cinematic artistry. It rules. I am playing it on our Twitch channel right the heck now.

I Played Through Final Fantasy VII Sixteen Times In The Last Two Years

In July of 2017, I realized I’d never played Final Fantasy VII since learning Japanese. I decided to do so, and make a little video about the experience. In the very first text box of the game, I encountered a nuanced difference between the Japanese and the English. This inspired an obsession. Two years later, I have…

I am streaming Final Fantasy XIII over on our Twitch channel. I’m playing it in English, which is fun, because I have never played it in English. I first played it in Japanese, 10 years ago. That’s the opposite of my video series in which I played Final Fantasy VII in Japanese after first playing it in English 20…

Me (Tim Rogers) and Gita (Jackson) are streaming The Sims (4) “Black Widow Challenge,” in which our Sim must meet, marry, cheat on, and then kill people. To you this may sound sick. To me it sounds like Thursday. Join us, loudly, in the chat!

I (Tim Rogers) am playing Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered over on our Twitch channel right the heck now. Please get all over the chat and yell as many obvious jokes as you can, such as “More Like Assassin’s Threed Three: Threemastered!”

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