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The Dirty Detail The Dirty Detail

Gave the 6 its first full detail with minor paint correction a few weeks ago. This is the condition it was in before I began.

Toyota Camry or similar... Toyota Camry or similar...

I’m in Canada for work and got a nice upgrade for my ride while I’m here.

Timeless Class Timeless Class

The 2016 Mazda 6 has some of the best looking gauges available.

Doing truck stuff Doing truck stuff

I moved earlier today and my old truck was the tool of choice!

Snow in Houston! Snow in Houston!

This snow makes me miss Chicago even more than I already do!

New headliner! New headliner!

I replaced my headliner about a week ago and it looks fantastic! It didn’t take long and cost about 20 bucks to do and I wonder why I waited so long.

Sentra. Sentra.

I actually don’t mind it. Needs a bit more power, but it’s better than the Altima I had last time.

Best seat in the world. Best seat in the world.

I’m up in Canada for work this week and stumbled upon an amazing view or two.

Have a beautiful thing Have a beautiful thing

Coming up on 18 months in two weeks with this fine piece of machinery. Still love it like the day I got it!

Nope. Nope.

Looking at Mazdaspeed6's when I come across this.

New mpg record!!! New mpg record!!!

I just drove across town for an hour and got the best mpg I’ve seen for a single trip! Nearly 50mpg!!

Should I repaint my wheels? Should I repaint my wheels?

I’ve got a new set of tires for my wheels and I am debating on repainting them. Here is their current state of two of them.

My Truck Lives!! My Truck Lives!!

I moved to Chicago last July and sadly had to leave behind my truck in Texas since finding parking for one car was hard enough. I returned to Texas a little over a week ago, so it was time to dust off the truck and get it road worthy after sitting for a year.

Lookin hot but stayin cool Lookin hot but stayin cool

I just moved back to Texas this week for a new job and got my windows tinted after having my car for a year in Chicago.

Spent a month in Europe and took a few pics Spent a month in Europe and took a few pics

I’ve only briefly gone through the over 5000 pictures I took. It’ll take me months to go through them all to find the good ones.

I have Seat Wagon! I have Seat Wagon!

I’m in Scotland for work and I was rented a Seat Leon Estate! It’s also a diesel! I love it so far.

First Snow!...and mud... First Snow!...and mud...

Experienced my first snow ever a week ago and it was everything I had hoped for. I must say the 6 looks fantastic with a light dusting.

New Shoes! New Shoes!

My winter wheels and tires came in today. They look much better than I thought they would and cant complain for what they cost. Cant wait to put them on in a few weeks and see how they look on the Mazda.

Went out for some evening/night photos Went out for some evening/night photos

I traveled into the heart of Chicago tonight to get some skyline pictures at night.

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